Meet the Team

Thinus and Inet met in 2011 when both were involved in property investment and by pure coincidence at the time when Inet moved to Cape Town where Thinus lives. They remain friends and soon started learning everything they could together about digital marketing as a tool to promote their own businesses. They have used their own learning experienced to help family and friends. Eight years later, after reaching much confidence in their own success, they decided to start helping other people. A company was born.

Thinus Bothma

Thinus did his B.Com at UNISA knowing that one day he wanted to work for himself. After having spent only a few years in the corporate world, he distinguished himself by being appointed the youngest person in the history of the company, on a management level. He then enrolled in an Entrepreneurship Programme at USB Stellenbosch. He soon realized that to become wealthy he would have to find his own way because the conventional methods like starting a business with a huge capital investment or using tools like policies did not work.

With a natural liking for innovation and internet marketing, he launched his first successful business online which sprung up out of a pet hobby in his study room at home in the beautiful city of Cape Town. He started several businesses from scratch without spending a fortune.

Thinus realized that thanks to the rapid evolution of the digital space, it was now possible to determine how best to use the internet for your business objectives. Thinus wanted to help his family and business people build real success by sharing with them his passion for marketing, business strategy, and his experience. He excelled in SEO and helped other businesses ranking first on Google for their main keywords. By applying his online digital marketing skills, he helped both his brother and son to earn incomes in excess of R150k per month within 18 months.

He is a follower of Tony Robbins and the Kaizen Philosophy, a Japanese word that means “a constant and never-ending improvement.” Hence, he did fire walking and arrow breaking as part of his life-changing exercise.

Thinus likes to spend time with his family and friends pursuing many outdoor activities such as 4 x 4 trips, adventure biking, and camping. In his younger years, he was awarded a black belt in Karate and have been coaching in his own club for many years.

Having completed the Agency FastTrack Apprentice course in digital marketing and client acquisition with his business partner, Inet, they have a track record of accomplishment as digital marketing strategists.

Inet Kemp

While still in school Inet recognized that she loved anything analytical and went on to spend the first half of her career to studying and got her doctorate (Ph.D.) in mathematical statistics and worked at various educational institutions as a statistics lecturer.

But her creative side always hungered for new experiences. Soon after the completion of her doctorate, she enrolled in a course in fashion design and was selected as one of 4 students to attend the international Les Etoiles de La Mode Fashion Designers competition in Brussels, 1998.

She also started investing in properties which she learned to manage and later outsourced the management thereof to people she handpicked herself. She shocked her family when she quit her 'stable high profile' career and moved to Cape Town in 2011 while still being short of 3 subjects towards graduating in her MBA degree.

For 5 years she worked as an independent contractor, writing Visual Basic Applications for her brother-in-law. It was during this time that she discovered the world of online marketing. She simply fell in love with it because it could satisfy her inquisitive nature, allowing her to still use her analytical skills, while also remaining in touch with people. This area speaks to both her analytical and creative abilities.

She met her business partner and together they spent years studying online marketing, including locations marketing, reputation marketing, lead generation, Google+ pages, keyword research, Google AdWords, SEO, and social media marketing while continuing with their own private careers. She also completed further courses in landing page optimization and chatbot marketing.

Wanting to grow their agency, Thinus and Inet enrolled in the challenging course Agency FastTrack Apprentice under Neil Malan and started bringing customers for their clients within a matter of two weeks, so much that their clients could not keep up with serving all their customers.

Living in the beautiful city of Cape Town, they were naturally surrounded by people who work in the tourism industry. They found this niche exciting and recognized the contribution they could make towards this industry.
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