How you can use the ascension model to rock your sales and bump up your profits (hint: it is not running more ads)

Inet Kemp

Are you struggling to increase your profit and get more clients? You're not alone. Let me tell you about the Value Ladder and the Ascension model. Really, these are two concepts many of us know already but never saw in perspective and how we can apply this to the tourism industry.

When I started out as an entrepreneur, after quitting my safe cozy job that offered me all the benefits most people are after such as medical aid and a pension fund, I realized this. It was a tactic used by the corporate world to sell me into offering my services to them. It was all about adding value in exchange for my services and their ability to choose the best candidate for the job. What they did was to add value to their offering to me. But you can do so much more with the Ascension model.

The ascension model is about where you want to take your clients based on the value you want to offer them. It is about creating a clear path for your clients to follow as you bring them more and more value with products and services etc. and they pay you more. This is what’s called a sales funnel.

Use a Value Ladder to create your ascension model. According to Russel Brunson, the concept of a value ladder (a ladder of offerings made up of additional services and products you can provide) is the first thing you have to build out before you can start working on any sales funnel.

It’s really about how you can serve your clients in the highest way possible by providing a huge amount of value at each step of your value ladder so that your clients naturally keep coming back after having sampled and experienced the value from one of your basic products or services.

The real problem to your stalling sales and minimum profit is that you have no value ladder. You bring people into your funnel but you do not create an ongoing relationship with them; people want to give you more money but there is no clear path for them to follow that will ensure that they get more value and pay you more money.

Your business can start to expand dramatically if you keep on providing more and more value, people will spend more and more money to keep working with you. There is no end to your value ladder.

The only limit to your value offering is your imagination. Keep thinking of
higher and higher levels of service and you can keep charging more and more money just by structuring your company’s products and services in a way that will allow you to make two to three times as much from the same traffic you’re getting now.

In creating or assessing your ascension model, look at other ways you can provide more value to your clients and figure out where you really want to take them after they have sampled your initial offering so that you can have a fully developed value ladder. “There’s always something else you can offer”

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Inet Kemp
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