How well do YOU know your clients?

Inet Kemp

How Yoco understood what major banks did not

How well do you know the state of mind your readers are in when they land on your page.

How well do you really know your customers? What are their triggers and what are their frustrations?

Yoco is a company that helps business owners process credit card payments. Yoco’s target market is small to medium entrepreneurs. They have done extensive research and found this.

They looked at the typical message banks show in their ads. Banks’ ads will typically start off showing a businessman who really struggles. Next thing, he sits in a boardroom, and 30 seconds into the ad, this struggling businessman has become the CEO of a major company.

 Yoco discovered that entrepreneurs know this is an irrational display of a dream that would in most cases be simply impossible for the everyday man on the street. Entrepreneurs don't relate to these ads. So Yoco went and researched their market. They went and lived with each of the people they use in their promotional video for 5 days.

Their new marketing strategy skyrocketed their sales. They received numerous feedback from entrepreneurs who told them how they relate to their ad.

In their promotional video, Yoco show how the life of a typical entrepreneur’s challenges look in South Africa. This is what their ad accomplishes – it gets real and it speaks to its customers, showing that they understand their challenges and bring them an affordable product that will make a significant contribution in simplifying their business.

This ad shows how the entrepreneur is the one that is doing everything in his business. He is the one that gets up early in the morning and get everything ready before he opens his shop. In South Africa, some need to travel an hour or two before they get to their work. They are the ones that pack their own stock, do their own bookkeeping, do their own marketing, and opens the doors to their shops.  Some even have to bake and have their products ready to sell before the start of the day. Then they need to be ready in time when clients come in to do their shopping.

When the shop closes at the end of the business day, this entrepreneur will be the one that washes the floors and cleans his shop. He will be counting stock and order more supplies. He will be the one to lock the doors and get back home late.

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