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How Lead Generation Can Benefit You

How The Quality Of Your Leads Will Determine 80% Of Your Sales 

Have you noticed how some customers requires just so much labour and time than others? 

Quality Leads are those leads who will bring you the highest profit with the least effort or time once they turn into customers. from your business. 

This is consistent with the 80/20 rule (also known as the Pareto principle) which states that 80% of your profit will most likely come from 20% of your customers.

We don't simply collect emails. We qualify your leads. We find people who will most likely become high paying repeat customers.

Why Your Business Needs Qualified Leads

Because you want to choose your best customer with care, an unqualified email list will rather 'contaminate' your database. 

You will spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns while you still could not pre-qualify these people with the characteristics of your best clients. 

A qualified lead is a person who is showing interest in YOUR product or service and who is willing to exchange his email address for something of value you have to offer -whether it is free information, a webinar, a product, service or consultation. 

These are what we call 'hot' leads.

Opt for a superior marketing plan

Knowing which marketing strategy will work best for every industry requires knowledge. One size does not fit all.

We will develop a high performance, high converting digital marketing strategy, tailored to YOUR industry.

We understand which platform to use at each stage. We specialize in Facebook marketing, Google Search Ads, Google Display Network and Remarketing.

Every month, as leads populate,  we will revise and fine tune your strategy to increase your conversion and decrease your customer acquisition and retention cost.

We make use of the best marketing platforms

There are many platforms and much advice are available on the internet and from friends. Too many choices can be just as harming to your business as too little choices.

Without a clear strategy that has been tested and understanding your visitors' buyers journey, you may end up spending your time and your money like the average user who wastes 75.8% of his Ad Spend.

Facebook has the most sophisticated database and algorithm. It is still the most powerful targeting tool on the planet. The real challenge is how to use it optimally.

We also use  Google Ads and Google Display Networks, email marketing, chatbots, and warming contents. All these platforms are used strategically. 

Remarketing brings you repeat customers and turn warm leads into hot ones

About 96% of visitors will not buy from you after they have seen you the first time.

We retarget online viewers to see your products on multiple platforms. If a viewer see you once, you are a stranger. If he sees you everywhere he goes, you gain credibility.

To help online viewers get to know you and gain trust in your online presence, we retarget him on a variety of platforms. But each platform is used strategically. 

How much repeat business can you offer the same client? How would you like to be the first in line to offer your client yet another opportunity to work with you? Let us also remind your existing customers that you can add more value.

When are we not a good match for your business?

We aim to serve and bring value to your business. If you have recently started a new business and still need to understand your goals and projections, our services will be of very little benefit to you.

We take our work seriously. In order to use Facebook and Google's algorithms optimally, our campaigns start at R15,000 per month. Be prepared to have a sufficient budget.

If you sell mainly low-value products without being able to growing your sales value or repeat customer service, our strategies will not benefit you.

We do not market products for Biz Op models.

Marketing requires teamwork. Are you ready to follow up with leads and add real value to your clients?

Clients About Us

Manovie Isaacs

I was sceptical about Facebook advertising, as I tried it on my own and it did not work. It was a real money drain, and all I got was a few clicks and some emoji reactions. I ended up giving promotional discounts to existing clients, and lost out even more. Everyone hesitates before spending money, but I took a leap of faith with Get You Clients Digital Marketing Agency. At first I worried that Inet wouldn’t understand the inner workings of our very unique hair industry. But she was sharp, creative and very encouraging. After a few one on one sessions, she structured a clear, logical and effective campaign, which offered the client real value. The ad campaign layout was completely in line with the look and feel of our business, which resulted in happy clients. Within two months, we had 67 brand new clients walk through our door and make use of our services. This was more than any other promotional effort we had ever done on our own, and this alone speaks volumes. We’ve already started getting repeat business from this campaign, which was our main goal. I quickly gained confidence in Inet, who has a real knack for numbers and business analytics. I wholeheartedly recommend Get You Clients Digital Marketing Agency to get you new clients today!!

Santie van der Vyver

Skills, creativity and dedication are the words which describe this digital marketing company. Not only have you turned my business around by increasing our sales by 73% but also you have been professional, patient, and simply pleasant to work with each step of the way. I view you as as an extension of my own marketing team and a true business partner. You are committed to providing real value to your clients and it’s clear that our success is your top priority. I’m excited to continue working with you in the quarters ahead.

Morne Bothma

At first, I asked myself whether I really needed to spend money on digital marketing. After all, posting on Facebook couldn’t be that hard, right? But now I realize that marketing isn’t that simple. Everybody needs a marketing partner like them who can help you connect to the right people. They have really helped me not only to stay current in my marketing but also to remain ahead of the curve. Get You Clients Digital Marketing Agency has been a great resource to me and my company.

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